Friday, November 25, 2011

Shakespeare Authorship Answers - SAC - Birthplace Trust

Exposing an Industry in Denial

The Shakespeare Authorship Coalition (SAC) has published its own answers to 61 questions asked by the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust regarding the Shakespeare Authorship question.  Now, everyone interested in this topic can see what scholars for both groups have to say on this large number of interesting aspects of the authorship of the greatest literary works in Western history.

THE SAC has titled their document “Exposing an Industry in Denial” and is a must read to be familiar with the topic in general. You can see why both sides of the debate think the way they do. For those who are already ‘Doubters’ you can expand your understanding of the various questions involved in the debate. For those who haven’t taken a position and who may just be intellectually curious you can get an excellent contrast in the opposing views that will help clarify the two main positions. And for die-hard believers in the Stratfordian camp you have the opportunity to understand why there are ‘Doubters’ at all and see who many of them are, and this NOT from the distortions of the Orthodox camp, but from many of the most prominent doubters themselves.

It’s a lot to take in and may need to be read a couple times to really start to understand the opposing viewpoints. But without a doubt it’s the best place to start to begin having an educated opinion on this very long contentious issue.

Here’s the link. Happy reading!

“60 Minutes” Questions (abbreviated)

Q1: Books in Stratford?
Q2: Attend grammar school?
Q3: Reflect university education?
Q4: Reflect Stratford grammar school?
Q5: Family’s illiteracy relevant?
Q6: Richard Field connection?
Q7: Links to Stratford in plays?
Q8: Works reflect life in Stratford?
Q9: When first appear on the scene?
Q10: Seen as author of specific works?
Q11: Other writers dispraise his work?
Q12: Plays in own name in his lifetime?
Q13: Name used to sell plays he wrote?
Q14: If fraud, what about the evidence?
Q15: Shakespeare famous in life-time?
Q16: Concerned about gaps in record?
Q17: Where did he get his money?
Q18: What was his social status?
Q19: Author never left England?
Q20: Actor names in printed texts?
Q21: Know theatrical practice?
Q22: Shakespeare’s personality?
Q23: Conspiracy theory reaction?
Q24: Extent of collaboration?
Q25: Collaboration in minor ways?
Q26: Collaboration common?
Q27: Multiple author methods?
Q28: His verse vs. Marlowe’s?
Q29: Any aristocratic patron?
Q30: Aristocracy and theatre?
Q31: How presented in fiction?
Q32: Other writers in question?
Q33: Authority of First Folio?
Q34: Prefatory poems in Folio?
Q35: Does his will shed light?
Q36: Absence of books in will?
Q37: Commemorated at death?
Q38: Does bust tell profession?
Q39: What learn from Jonson?
Q40: When questions started?
Q41: Reasons for questioning?
Q42: Psychological impulse?
Q43: James Wilmot’s role?
Q44: Delia Bacon’s role?
Q45: Francis Bacon plausible?
Q46: Agree with Mark Twain?
Q47: Why did Freud doubt?
Q48: Why did Henry James doubt?
Q49: Oxford’s theatre connection?
Q50: Factual objections to Oxford?
Q51: Factual objections to Marlowe?
Q52: Who else suggested as author?
Q53: Brunel, Concordia programs?
Q54: Mainstream scholar attitude?
Q55: Typical conspiracy theory?
Q56: Why Conspiracy Theories?
Q57: What Stephen Fry thinks?
Q58: The Indian perspective?
Q59: Why Emmerich doubts?
Q60: Reputation being stolen?
Q61: Links to royalty of his day?

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