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Accomplished Shakespeare Authorship Doubters Continue to Multiply

More News from the Authorship Front – from the 400th Anniversary

The 400th Anniversary Celebrations were another major success for the Shakespeare Authorship Coalition and its increasing prominence among the literati and specially those who are avid Shakespeareans.

From their news release mentioning the success of all their events they also updated the current count of signers of the Declaration of Reasonable Doubt. Here are the current counts as of May 3, 2016.:
Our objective has been to “legitimize” the authorship issue by the 400th anniversary of Shakspere’s death. While the evidence confirms we have been right all along, legitimization requires awareness and acceptance. On that score we are making steady progress, but still have a ways to go. As of May 3, 2016, 3,520 people had signed the Declaration, including 1,340 with advanced degrees (580 doctorates, 760 master’s degrees), 599 current or former college/university faculty members, and 68 notables, including sixteen added below. It would be interesting to see who would sign a Stratfordian authorship declaration, if they could write one. In that sense we can claim victory by default, just as we have won by default with our mock trial challenge.

All college graduates and faculty members are asked to indicate their field. The largest group, both among faculty and all college graduates, is those in English Literature: 108 faculty and 499 graduates, 607 in total. These are followed by those who said they were in Arts (361), Theatre Arts (305), Other Humanities (219), Math, Engineering & Computers (211), Education (204), Law (198), History (191), Oth/Unspecified (182), Natural Sciences (186), Social Sciences (181), Medicine/Health Care (175), Psychology (134), Management (120), and Library Science (41). So virtually all fields are represented, but English literature predominates. It is interesting that the field most directly involved with Shakespeare studies has by far the most doubters. Stratfordians claim that the authorship is “beyond doubt,” but many English Lit graduates clearly disagree.

In addition, there are sixteen new signatories for the “Notables list”. These are:

Joseph Adler, Producing Artistic Director at GableStage theatre, Coral Gables, FL; winner of numerous awards for theatre and film directing, including a Clio and ten Carbonell Awards for Best Director

Edward I. Brodkin, Ph.D., Lucretia L. Allyn Professor Emeritus of History, Connecticut College, New London, CT, USA

Roberto Colombo, Ph.D., Professor of Cytology, University of Milan; internationally-recognized leader in the field; former Visiting Fellow, Warwick University Developmental Biology Lab

Jeffery W. Donaldson, Ph.D., Professor, Department of English, McMaster University, Hamilton, ON, CA; Poet and Author of Slack Action (2013), Echo Soundings (2014), and Missing Link (2015)

Ben Donenberg, Artistic Director, Shakespeare Center of Los Angeles; Juilliard graduate; Presidentially-appointed and US Senate-confirmed Member, National Council on the Arts

Peter Eisner, Author and Journalist; former editor and reporter, Washington Post, Newsday, Associated Press; wrote the award-winning books The Freedom Line and The Italian Letter

Mr. Gosta Friberg, Swedish writer, poet and translator; co-founder of the Writers' Centre; former editor, Lyrikvännen, winner of numerous awards; co-author, Täcknamn Shakespeare

Mrs. Helena Brodin Friberg, Swedish actress of The Royal Dramatic Theatre of Stockholm; appeared in more than forty films and television shows, 1960 - 2000; co-author, Täcknamn Shakespeare

Simon Gribben, M.B.A., Award-winning writer, producer, director, editor of television news; several Emmys as a producer of specials, news series and sports series; five films in MoMA

Richard J. Leigh, M.D., Blair-Daroff Emeritus Professor of Neurology, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, USA; Bachelor’s and M.D. degrees from the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK

Ellen Dinerman Little, M.A., Co-President and co-founder, The Little Film Company; Executive Producer, Richard III, starring Ian McKellen (1995), and Titus, starring Anthony Hopkins (1999)

Jack Ofield, Emeritus Professor of Film, San Diego State University; veteran film/TV producer/director; Member, Directors Guild of America; Fellow, American Film Institute

Oliver Pookrum, Founder of the Pookrum Playhouse and the African-American Theater Lab, Detroit, MI

Bernd E. H. A. Schuenemann, Professor Emeritus; Dr. honoris causa mult; Director, Institute for Lawyer's Law; former Chair, Criminal Law, Philosophy and Sociology of Law, University of München

Geir Håvard Uthaug, M.A., State Scholar; Norwegian writer/poet/translator; biographer of William Blake and Henrik Wergeland; translator of Blake, Conrad, Shakespeare (Richard II), others; numerous awards

Robert Wolf, M.A., American writer and journalist; recipient of the Bronze Medal Award for radio commentary, and the Sigma Delta Chi Award, both from the Society of Professional Journalists

With so many well-educated and accomplished professionals as authorship doubters we can see that mainstream or orthodox scholars professing a belief in the Stratfordian theory of Shakespeare authorship are just greatly losing their credibility on this particular question, as well as does their scholarly work suffer if it is based or slanted to fit with the traditionally accepted story.
You can read more here:
 Also at the site is the publication of extensive new evidence against the old traditional belief as to the author. Be sure to find time to read that!

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