Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Parallel - Troubler of the World


"Oh thee, the troubler of the world's peace." Richard III, 1.3.1221

Now Bacon:
"Great conquerors and troublers of the world." Bacon in his Natural history

"That gigantic state of mind which possesseth the troublers of the world...
who would have all men happy or unhappy as they were friends or enemies, and 
would give form to the world according to their own humours." Bacon in The Advancement of Learning

"The French King troubles the Christian world." Bacon in History of Henry VII

Comment: J.M. Robertson gives 13 examples of "troublers" of Israel or of this or that, but none of "troublers" of the "world". Such small differences in working may seem insignificant but they can be a fingerprint.

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