Sunday, October 27, 2013

Bacon's Signature Ciphers in Shakespeare -27- Tomb plaques


Bacon also seems to have had access to the writings of Johann Valentin Andrea, the author of the German Rosicrucian manifestoes. See Christianopolis: An Ideal of the 17th Century by Johann Valentin AndreaeFelix Emil Held (Translator), 2007.

 Then, if so, a numerical cipher associated with a Rosicrucian symbolic name is plausible.

There is a stronger connection of the number 287 to Bacon. On his monument tomb at St. Michael’s Church in St. Albans are three plaques making up his epitaph in Latin. The letter counts for each line use only the large letters and the double letters, as a rule, count as one letter.

This plaque has a large letter count of 91.

The second plaque has a count of 135.

The third plaque has a count of 61. The count for all three plaques = 287.  The small superscripted letters seem to me to be arbitrarily sized which suggest the 287 count was not by chance.

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