Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Bacon's Signature Ciphers in Shakespeare -29- King Lear


Fun with Baconian Ciphers

Part 6

3)  Our next candidate is from The Tragedie of King Lear. It’s discussed in Secret Shakespearean Seals mentioned earlier. You can follow along and check at this facsimile:

The first thing we’ll note is that this occurs on page 287 of the Tragedies. (Note: no cipher candidate has been noticed on page 287 of the Comedies. And there is no page 287 in the Histories).  What we see on this page is the apparent name Sir Francis Bacon represented as

Sir France is bee Con

 in a kind of anagram-acrostic made up of syllables. There is a pattern to each syllable making up this “name”. Not counting the last word on the page “Sir,” the other syllables are each in a line than begins with the Italicized name of a character and the remainder of each of these four lines goes all the way to the right margin. In addition, each of these four full lines has a total of 33 letters when excluding the “name syllables” of “France’, ‘is’, ‘bee’, and ‘Con’. No other of the 13 lines like these in this second column, or of the 5 lines like these in the first column, have 33 letters in them whether or not the last word is excluded in the letter count.

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