Monday, October 7, 2013

Bacon's Signature Ciphers in Shakespeare -7- Anthony


Another example is of Francis Bacon’s brother Anthony by an anonymous writer. It seems to be part French and part Italian. His name is rewritten in capitals to the left of each line, each of which is translated into English:

A. Anglais phenix de celeste origine,
           (English phoenix of celestrial origin – French translation)
N. Ne pour orner et la terre et les cieus:
             (Born to adorn the earth and the heavens – French translation)
T. Ton renom bruit jusques aux envieux:
             (Thy renown clamours down even to the jealous – French translation)
H. Honneur te sert, et vertu te domine:
             (Honorable you serve and virtually you dominate – French translation)
O. Ornement seul de sagesse et doctrine,
             (Ornament of wisdom and doctrine – French translation)
I. Jour, et clairte de tout coeur genereux:
             (light and clarity to all generous hearts – French translation)
N. Nous ne scaurions regarder de nos yeux
             (When we no longer look at you with our eyes – French translation)
E. Eternite qui devant toi chemine.
             (you will still walk though eternity – French translation)
B. Bacon fior di virtu, raro e perfetto
             (Bacon flower of virtue, rare and perfect) (Google Italian translation)
A. Animo pronto, angelico intelletto,
             (Hearts that are ready, the angelic intellect)  (Google Italian translation)
C. Chiaro lume d'honor e caritade,
             (Clear light of honor and charity)  (Google Italian translation)
O. Ornamento e bella di nostra etade,
             (And beautiful ornament of our age,)   (Google Italian translation)
N. Natural real di fidelta pieno     (unsure translation – unusual or incorrect spelling)
E. Essempio d'ogni bon sempre sereno.
             (Example of every good always calm) - (Google Italian translation)

Note: I reproduced the order of lines as I found them in an online Shakespeare forum but the author I got it from may have transposed the “I” and “N” lines.

Anthony seems to have worked closely with his brother Francis both in the area of Intelligence and in their literary interests. 

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