Friday, November 22, 2013

Bacon's Signature Ciphers in Shakespeare -53- Cipher function


Fun with Baconian Ciphers
Part 10

 We continue with significant page numbers.

21)  Continuing with more “coincidences” in page numbering, on page 67 (“Francis” in Simple code) of the Comedies, in the play Measure for Measure, in the first column, eight lines from the bottom, we have the phrase

 “Mine were the verie Cipher of a Function”.

Not only do we have the teaser of the word “Cipher” in this line, but the letter count of the line = 33 (equal to “Bacon”), which added to the page number sums to ‘100’ and is equivalent to  “Francis Bacon”. We saw earlier the word Cypher also with a line count of 33 in the Henry V prologue.

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