Friday, November 1, 2013

Bacon's Signature Ciphers in Shakespeare -32-

[Note—page 31 is skipped in this online edition]


Fun with Baconian Ciphers

Part 7

We’ve just seen how the significant number 33 was found multiple times around the name likeness of Sir Francis Bacon, and on a significant # page of 287.  Now we’ll look at some of the other instances of this number 33 which is numerically equivalent to the name of “Bacon”.

First, though, we want to establish further that Bacon was familiar with the use of numbers as ciphers or codes. We will do this simply.

In their connections with the Earl of Essex the Bacon brothers provided an intelligence service with a spy network along with professional advice. Francis’ brother Anthony was the main writer and decoder of ciphers though Francis was obviously closely involved. We know that Master cipher expert Thomas Phelippes worked with Bacon and Essex for a time and that Bacon sought to learn from him. Now here are several examples of his connection to this activity out of the Memoirs of the reign of Queen Elizabeth, from the year 1581 till her death. In which the secret intrigues of her court, and the conduct of her favourite, Robert earl of Essex, both at home and abroad, are particularly illustrated. From the original papers of... Anthony Bacon, esquire, and other manuscripts never before published. By Thomas Birch, 1754.]

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