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Bacon's Signature Ciphers in Shakespeare -61- Mispaginations


28)  Continuing on in this same play (Hamlet) we’ll go back a few pages and see that there are pages for 276, 277, 278, and then when the next page would be 279, we instead are faced with the mispagination of 259, the Kay value for “Shakespeare”. So there are three mispaginations in a row (157, 259, and 282) that are significant numbers associated with Francis Bacon, two of them seeming to represent either a symbolic name or a pseudonym.

There are a lot more mispaginations than these and most of them I haven’t connected to anything related to Bacon. Nor have I tried much since my focus is primarily on significant signature numerals. Here’s my list. The Red-Bold numbers are mispaginations. Those that are underlined are Bacon significant numbers. Some play names are present to give a sense of location in the First Folio. These can be reviewed on the following website using the “Pages” drop down box.

Merry Wives of Windsor   [1-48, 49, 58, 51, 52, 53, …58, 51, 60, …]
[85, 88, 87, 88, ] The Comedie of Errors
A Midsommer nights Dreame [159, 160, 163, 162, 163, 162, 163, 166,] (Merchant of Venice)
As you like it [186, 187, 188, 187, 190, 191, 192, …]
All’s Well that Ends Well [248, 251, 252, 251, 252…, 264, 273, 266…303]
[1-46, 49 (no page 47 or 48) ] Henry the Fourth part 1 (52 is actually 50, 54 is actually 52, 55 is actually 53)
50-88, 91, 92, 91, 92-100 2nd part Henry the fourth  [page 89 is missing, and no page 90 just as there is no Page 90 in the 1640 Advancement of Learning]
After page 100 there are two unnumbered pages.
Then page 69 for Henry the Fifth thru to 232, then two unnumbered.
Troilus and Cressida began with the second of the above mentioned unnumbered page.
Then pages 79,80, and then 26 unnumbered pages through the end of the play.
Then with Coriolanus we have pages 1-76. [then no page 77 or 78]
Then 79, 80, 81, 82 [actually 77, 78, 79, 80]. Then 81-98, then two unnumbered.
Then 109-156, Hamlet then 257 [actually 157]-278, then 259 [actually 279], 280, 281, 280 [actually 282], then 283-307, then 38, then 309-378, then 389 [actually 379] (Recall that this pg 389 was where the geometrical ‘Rosiecross’ name cipher was found). then 380-398, then 993.

The missing pages of 47, and 48 in the Histories enabled the correspondences between pages 50, 52, 53, and 55 discussed earlier.  Interestingly, on page 199 of the Comedies in As You Like It we read “…the oath of Lover is no stronger than the word of a Tapster, they are both the confirmer of false reckonings”. There is a declared cipher on page 264 of the Comedies where Malvolio ponders the hidden meaning of M.O.A.I.  I haven’t found a meaningful solution but page 264 in The Advancement is all about ciphers.

There may be some slight variation in mispaginations among the extant copies of the First Folio but I can’t imagine that any would change the above important findings. To give these page number cipher candidates a better test would require a closer examination of them in the various extant First Folios. But then any studies may also need to determine their order of printing and as well be done by unbiased researchers.

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