Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Bacon's Signature Ciphers in Shakespeare -71- "me"


34)   We saw earlier in example #9 the word “Lord” on the right hand side of a page’s first column and then associated with a line in the second column that had a letter count of ‘33’. Now we have a somewhat similar set-up on page 69 of Measure for Measure. But this time with the word “me” on the right side of the first column and then in the next column directly over is a rearrangement of “FBACON” into two 3 letter segments. Unusual but not hard at all to see his name presented. The ‘W’ would serve as a Null character in this instance. Notice also the suggestive phrase “I am come…”

The segment of “(me” separated out on the right margin of a column is found on only three other pages in the whole of the First Folio. And only on one of those three pages is it in the first of the two columns, which is necessary for such an arranged cipher. There are about 34,900 lines in the Folio, or 17,450 in all the first columns. And only two of these with the word “(me” in this position.

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