Thursday, December 5, 2013

Bacon's Signature Ciphers in Shakespeare -66- Draw the Curtain 3


31)  Continued

Powell, in his poem, clearly suggests that Bacon is prohibiting him from revealing matter that would bestow upon Bacon some greater worth. It is similar sentiment to what other friends of his have said, as well as Bacon himself:

"As for my Essays and some other particulars of that nature, I count them but as the recreations of my other studies, and in that sort purpose to continue them; though I am not ignorant that that kind of writing would, with less pains and embracement, perhaps yield more lustre and reputation to my name than those other which I have in hand."--Bacon to Bishop Andrews, 1622.

If anyone really doubts that this curtain drawing that reveals the name of 'Francis' wasn’t arranged and could just be a coincidence together with Powell’s poem, then consider also that the very last line of dialogue on page 171, before moving on to page 172, is:

Nor. Quick, quick I pray thee, draw the curtain strait,

In the play this last line signals the character Nerrissa to draw open the curtains again after they were previously closed when Morrocho had left. But in framing the pages at the Metatheater level it can be seen to have a secondary interpretation as a signal for the Curtain to be “pluckt backe again” after the revealing of page 171 “Francis” is complete. Another point of interest is that the first line of this page is a repetition of the last line of page 170. So this supposed ‘error’ enabled what appears to be a very fitting metatheatrical cipher. This page arrangement is nearly the same as we saw for pages 258 and 259 in the Baconiana, and on pages 156 and 257 in Hamlet as the Ghost or “Spirit” appeared.

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