Monday, December 30, 2013

Bacon's Signature Ciphers in Shakespeare -91- Play-Cipher Chart


Besides “other factors of the situation “ that can be taken into account within the 51 examples  described above, there is also a mass of other connections that have been offered as proof of Bacon’s authorship, totally apart from any kind of cipher or coded signatures or name puzzles. Many, but not all, of these have been previously published here on this blog. 
Other supporting authorship evidence can likely be produced from other Baconian researchers without much difficulty. Below is shown the plays in which the various signature candidates were found.
Here are the cipher candidates and the plays they were found in:

As a reminder, there have been many other ciphers in the First Folio possibly connected to Francis Bacon, but I've intended, for the most part, to include only the strongest ones. Plus, my research was far from thorough. So I expect many more can be found.

And thus ends the 6th proposed proof of Francis Bacon as the disguised Shake-Speare.


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