Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Bacon's Signature Ciphers in Shakespeare -78- Northumberland


41)  This next example does not involve ciphers. It’s to show that the two names of “William Shakespeare” and “Francis Bacon” are closely related in the Northumberland MS, dated to the late 1590s, where Shakespeare’s name is written in full or in part 16 times, one of them shown as “Will”. So far only Baconian researchers have made an honest effort to explain it.

The name of “Will” is found in Sonnets 135 and 136 and this has been used as evidence that the actor had written them. But if the author of these sonnets wanted to be so transparent then one would have expected this name of “William” to have been on the title page of the publication. But the name of “William” isn’t found until the poem “A Lover’s Complaint” begins later in the volume. Speaking also of the possible interpretation of “Bacon I Am” for “Will I Am” this isn’t farfetched since one possible interpretation of some of the lines in these two sonnets includes “Will am I” to be referring to “William” as a “hidden allusion”. This is mentioned in a note to line 3 of sonnet 135:

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