Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Bacon's Signature Ciphers in Shakespeare -65- Draw the Curtain 2


31)  Continuing on with significant page numbers, we come to the play The Merchant of Venice, in scene 2, page 170 at the bottom of the second column. The second to the last dialogue has Portia saying:
Por. Goe, draw aside the curtaines, and discover
The severall Caskets to this noble Prince:
Now make your choyse.

 And as the curtains are drawn and the character Morrocho begins to study the caskets we turn the page and see revealed page 171, the numerical Kay signature code for “Francis”. This action of “drawing the curtain” is comparable to the previous example found on page 259 of the Comedies we looked at previously. It was also associated with the poem by Thomas Powell who published his Attourneys Academy in 1623, the same year as the First Folio. This is the same Thomas Powell who is thought to have been the anonymous author of The Repertorie of Records with clues to the Kay cipher mentioned earlier.

The phrase “we will draw the Curtain, and shew you the picture” is like the dedication to Bacon by Thomas Powell in his Attourneys Academy, which runs:

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