Sunday, May 1, 2011

More Promus - 7-8 - Clean tricks; hidden truth

7Bacon's Promus entry 1391

"He will never do his tricks clean"

Troilus And Cressida  5.2.23-4

Cressida:   what would you have me do?
Thersites:  A juggling trick: to be secretly open.

Comment:  The Arden editor paraphrases Thersites's line as a "deception [to be] privately public (or some such impossibility)". Bacon's line and Shake-Speare's are deliberate and almost identical paradoxes - a trick is by definition dirty, and a juggling trick by definition secret.


8. Bacon's Promus entry 1401

"It is not the first untruth i have heard reported. It is not the first truth I have heard denied"

Measure for Measure  5.1.68-70

           "Let your reason serve
To make the truth appear where it seems hid,
And hide the false [which] seems true”.

Comment:  This makes the same rather fine distinction as Bacon between falsehood and suppression of truth.

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