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Promus - 7 - Folio 112

Parallels between Shake-Speare and Bacon's Promus

Parallels between Bacon's Promus and Romeo and Juliet - continued
(with special emphasis on Promus Folio 112) (A folio is a page in the Promus)

Part 2b

(Readers may want to print this out to more easily refer to it in later posts)
(To the right I'm citing the play the entry is paralleled with and leaving unparalleled entries intact here just for the sake of context)

Bacon's Promus of Formularies.
Folio 112

1189 good morow                                               (Romeo And Juliet)
1190 Good swear
1191 Good trauaile                                             (All's Well That Ends Well)
1192 good hast                                                   (Measure For Measure)
1193 good matens
1194 good betymes; bonum mane                       (1 Henry IV)
1195 bon iouyr. Bon iour; (bridgrome.)                  (Romeo And Juliet)
1196 good day to me & good morow to yow.         (Troilus And Cressida)
1197 i haue not sayd all my prayers till haue bid yow
        good morow.
1198 Late rysing fynding a bedde,                        (Romeo And Juliet)
1199 early risinge, summons to ryse                     (Romeo And Juliet)
1200 Diluculo surgere saluberrimum est                (Twelfth Night) 
1201 Surge puer mane sed noli surgere vane.
1202 Yow will not rise afore yor. betters                (Romeo And Juliet)
        (ye. sonne.
1203 Por mucho madrugar no amanece mas ayna.
1204 Qui a bon voisin a bon matin                         (Romeo And Juliet)
        (lodged next;
1205 Stulte quid est somnus gelidae nisi moris imago  (Romeo And Juliet)
1206 Longa quiescendi tempora fata dabunt.           (Romeo And Juliet)
1207 Albada; golden sleepe.                                  (Romeo And Juliet)
1208 early vp & neuer ye neere.
1209 The wings of ye. mornying.                             (Romeo And Juliet)
1210 The yowth & spring of ye. day                        (2 Henry IV)
1211 The Cock; The Larke                                      (Romeo And Juliet)
1212 Cowrt howres.                                                 (Romeo And Juliet)
1213 Constant; abedd when yow are bedd; & vp when
         yow are vp.
1214 Trew mens howres.
1215 Is this your first fligh x I doe not as byrds doe for
        I fly owt of my feathers Is it not a fayre one
1216 Sweet, fresh of ye. mornying.                       (Romeo And Juliet)
1217 I pray god your early rysing doe yow no hurt;  (Romeo And Juliet)
         Amen when I vse it.                        
1218 I cannot be ydle vp as yow canne.
1219 Yow could not sleep for your yll lodging; I cannot gett
1220 Yow have an alarum in your head               (Romeo And Juliet)
1221 Block heads & clock heads.                        (Romeo And Juliet)
1222 There is Law against lyers a bedde.           (Romeo And Juliet)
1223 Yow haue no warrant to ly a bedde.            (Romeo And Juliet)
1224 Synce yow are not gott vp turn vp.              (2 Henry IV)
1225 Hott cocckles withowt sands
1226     god night                                                  (Romeo And Juliet)
1227 Well to forgett;                                              (Romeo And Juliet)
1228 I wish yow may so well sleepe as yow may not fynd
        yor yll lodging.                                                (Romeo And Juliet)

Remember, these are 'seed' ideas and language parts and aren't expected to be found in the plays exactly as they are found in the Promus. None of the above entries were used in Bacon's prose works, and a few of them by their nature could only be used in plays or in Bacon's personal life. One doubts whether the bawdy puns (which will be explained later - unless they're too bawdy for this website) would have been used even in his personal life. They were better suited to the amusement of a theatre audience.

Some other Promus parallels with Roman And Juliet (besides those in Folio 112) will be included even though they may be slight or commonplace. But they are still relevant and interesting as little shreds of mental fibre which help to show that Bacon and Shake-Speare had the same brain texture.

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