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Promus - 21 Romeo and Juliet - Occasion - Gliding thoughts

Part 2 - Parallels between Bacon's Promus and Romeo and Juliet
(with special emphasis on Promus Folio 112)

Part 23

R&J  Act 2.4.156 & 3.1.39-43

Peter:       I dare draw as soon as another man, if I see occasion
                in a good quarrel...
Mercutio:  Couple it with something; make it a word and a blow.
Tybalt:      You shall find me apt enough to that Sir, and you will
                give me occasion.
Mercutio:  Could you not take some occasion without giving?

Bacon's Promus entry 166 (Folio 86B):

"Nunc ipsa vocat res" ["Occasion now presents itself"; from Virgil, Aeneid ix 320]


R&J  Act 2.5.4-5

(Juliet impatiently awaits the Nurse's return with confirmation from Romeo of their marriage plans):

                 "Love's heralds should be thoughts
Which ten times faster glides than the sun's beams".

Bacon's Promus entry 22 (Folio 83):

[of love] "Atque animis illabere nostris" ["and glide into our minds"; from Aeneid 3.89]

Comment: "Glides" is not an obvious word in the context of the Shake-Speare line, so he probably had the Latin tag in mind.

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