Sunday, May 1, 2011

Promus - 24 Romeo and Juliet

Part 2 - Parallels between Bacon's Promus and Romeo and Juliet
(with special emphasis on Promus Folio 112)

Part 2R

R&J  Act 3.1.124-6

(Romeo vows to avenge Mercutio's death):

         "Mercutio slain.
Away to heaven respective lenity,
And fire-ey'd fury be my conduct now!"

Bacon's Promus entry 1073 (Folio 105B):

"Furor arma ministrat" ["The arms that fury can supply"; from Aeneid 1.150]


R&J  Act 3.1.194-199

(Romeo has duly slain Tybalt, and the Prince, about to sentence Romeo to banishment, insists):

"I will be deaf to pleading and excuses;
Mercy but murders, pardoning those that kill".

Bacon's Promus entry 1017 (Folio 104):

"Causas nequicqam nectis inanes" ["In vain you weave fruitless pleas"]

and from Promus entry 601 (Folio 95):

"He that pardons his enemy, the amner [almoner] shall have his goods [i.e. it is a mistake to be merciful]".

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