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The Tempest authorship -part 14

The Tempest,  (14)

3.5 Dating The True Declaration (TD) cont.

More metaphorical parallels between (1) the TD,  (2) Bacon's work and  (3) the Shake-speare work.

Black envy and pale fear
(1) Black envy and pale fear, being not able to produce any arguments why that should be lawful for France, which is in us unlawful
(3a) Buckingham: ... There cannot be those numberless offences
'Gainst me, that I cannot take peace with:
no black envy Shall mark my grave.
(1613 Henry VIII, 2.1.84-5)
(3b) And then in key-cold Lucrece' bleeding stream
He falls, and bathes the pale fear in his face,
(1594 The Rape of Lucrece, Stanza 254, 1774-5)

— Tempest of emotion —
(1) by the tempest of Dissention: euery man ouervaluing his owne worth, would be a Commander: euery man vnderprizing anothers value, denied to be commanded.
(2) But men, if they be in their own power, and do bear and sustain themselves, and be not carried away with a whirlwind or tempest of ambition (Advancement of  Learning, p.285)
(3) Tamora: Come, come, sweet emperor; come, Andronicus;
Take up this good old man, and cheer the heart
That dies in tempest of thy angry frown.
(1590-1 Titus Andronicus, 1.1.456-8)

Scum of men
(1) that scumme of men that fayling in their Piracie
(2) It is a shameful and unblessed thing to take the scum of people ...
to be the people with whom you plant (Of Plantations, p.407)
(3) Sir Humphrey Stafford: Rebellious hinds, the filth and scum of
Kent, Mark'd for the gallows, lay your weapons down;
(1590-1 King Henry VI, Pt 2, 4.2.117-8)

Golden sleep and sauce
(1) It is but a golden slumber that dreams of any human felicity which is not sauced with some contingent misery.
(2) golden sleepe (Promus f.112r, see Fig 20)
(3a) First Gentleman: ... But I much marvel that your lordship, having
Rich tire about you, should at these early hours
Shake off the golden slumber of repose.
(1608-9 Pericles, 3.2.21-3)
(3b) Marcius: ... You shout me forth
In acclamations hyperbolical;
As if I loved my little should be dieted
In praises sauced with lies.
(1608 Coriolanus, 1.9.50-3)

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