Sunday, May 1, 2011

Promus - 31 Romeo and Juliet - born, woe

Part 2 - Parallels between Bacon's Promus and Romeo and Juliet
(with special emphasis on Promus Folio 112)

Part 2Y

R&J  Act 4.5.15

(The Nurse thinks Juliet to be dead):

"O welladay [alas] that ever I was born".

Bacon's Promus entry 1004 (Folio 104):

"Optimum non nasci" ["Better not to be born"; from Adagia 440]


R&J  Act 4.5.46-9

Lady Capulet:      one poor and loving child,
                      But one thing to rejoice and solace in,
                      And cruel death hath catch'd it from my sight.
Nurse:             O woe! O woeful, woeful, woeful day.

Bacon's Promus entry 1654  (Folio 132):

"Nulsoulas humaine sans helas" ["No human solace without woe - alas!"]


R&J  Act  4.5.90

(Lord Capulet reflects that Juliet's proposed wedding is to become her funeral):

"And all things change them[selves] to the contrary".

Bacon's Promus entry 992  (Folio 103B):

"Omnium rerum Vicissitudo"  ["Vicissitude in all things"; from Adagia 250]

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